12 Habits Of Valuable Employees: Your Roadmap to an Amazing Career


Are you looking to transform your career and achieve your full potential at work? Do you wish your employer recognized your talent and contributions more? This book reveals the insider secrets to becoming the most valued employee.

Bestselling authors Verne Harnish, Kevin Daum, and Anne Mary Ciminelli surveyed hundreds of employers to uncover what sets adequate employees apart from truly valuable players. Through insightful stories and practical tips, you'll learn the 12 key habits in four essential areas - Will, Values, Results, and Skills - that lead to amazing careers and fulfillment at work.

Discover within:
- Clear examples contrasting adequate versus valuable performance
- Simple daily practices to master essential workplace skills
- Ways to apply the habits to benefit your team, department, and company
- Bonus guidance for employers seeking to inspire value in their workforce

Whether you aspire to leadership or want recognition for your efforts, this book provides the mindset and methods for workplace excellence. Follow this step-by-step guide based on decades of coaching successful companies, and develop the qualities that define MVP employees.

Stand out by embracing the 12 habits of top performers. Transform your work, team, and career to new heights!

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